Ensure your site is properly optimized for Smartphones

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Todays-Awinning-Tipsmall Unless you have been living on a desert island for the past few years (lucky you!), you will know that the Smartphone market is growing with incredible momentum. Now 80% of the world’s population owns a Smartphone and of these people, 89% use theirs throughout the day.

Google has just updated their rankings for Smartphone search. Here are some tips to ensure that you are following best practice for the mobile version of your site:

  1. Google recommends webmasters follow the industry best practice of using responsive web design, namely serving the same HTML for all devices and only using CSS media queries to decide the rendering on each device
  2. Do not redirect all of your desktop pages to your mobile version homepage (m.example.com). If your users land on a certain page from search, then that is the page they will want to be on to begin with. So, redirect www.example.com/page-x to m.example.com/page-x
  3. If certain desktop content isn’t available on your mobile version yet, don’t serve an error page in its place. Instead, show the desktop version. Showing the content the user was looking for is a much better experience than showing an error page
  4. Try to avoid irrelevant cross-linking (links from your desktop-optimized version to your mobile-optimized version and vice versa)
  5. Speed is essential – in order to obtain and retain visitors you will need to make your pages load in under 1 second

Check out Google’s Developers resource for building Smartphone optimized websites and this article on making your pages load in under one second.

The Monthly Digest: Issue 9 – 2014

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MonthlyDigest_logo300x130 (4)Welcome to Affiliate Window’s Monthly Digest; a round-up of the most relevant and interesting industry articles published in the last 30 days. Keep up to date with trending topics being debated within performance marketing, by reading our top five recommended posts each month.

Apple bids to transform payments and mobile commerce

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus introduced last week offer larger screens, mobile wallets, wireless payment technology, faster processors, higher screen resolutions and more. They will boost retailers’ conversion rates on smartphones and encourage consumers to pay with their phones, experts say. And there’s a watch, too.

So What’s Next for Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing just celebrated its 20th birthday and – wow – has it changed! Just look at the last few years. New and different affiliate models continue to appear, the world is getting smaller through the international reach of publishers, and the customer journey and experience have become ever so scrutinized. This is coupled with the consumer shift in consumption — where smartphone devices and tablets are on par with brick and mortar shopping. So what’s next in affiliate marketing?

New Facebook Right-Hand-Side Ads Prove Bigger Is Better

At the end of June Facebook started rolling out their new bigger right hand side (RHS) ad size boasting that, in their tests, it increased engagement by up to 3x. Up to 3x increase might be a bit generous but performance on US retail campaigns on RHS has definitely improved with the change in size. Across all Struq US retail campaigns Click Through Rate (CTR) saw an increase of 32% and Post Click Return On Investment (PC ROI) an increase of 12%.

5 big data-driven innovations media sites are providing marketers

For decades, marketers relied on gut feelings to make major marketing spend decisions because useful data just wasn’t available. Today, however, marketing executives face a bigger conundrum: They know the data is out there but aren’t exactly sure how to get meaningful insights from it. Relevant data is being gathered. However, this flood of unstructured information creates a big data beast with little connection to actionable insight that can improve decision-making.

4 Ways to Use Social Media in Public Relations

Are you sending out press releases and waiting for the media to write about you? Are you wondering how you can integrate social media with public relations? Instead of waiting for the media to write their story, organizations are choosing to share those stories via social media.


zanox/Affiliate Window: Appointment of new Executive Board finalizes integration of Europe’s largest performance marketing network

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zanox & awin logosFollowing the November 2013 completed acquisition of Digital Window Ltd. operating in the UK under the brand of Affiliate Window, the Supervisory Board of zanox AG has made the decision to fully merge Affiliate Window and zanox into one organization further consolidating the group’s position as Europe’s largest performance marketing network.

Over the past five years, zanox and Affiliate Window have collaborated to provide innovative affiliate marketing solutions for the industry. Bringing both organizations together under one management team will allow future collaborations to flourish for the benefit of all our partners.

From 15th September 2014, the current Digital Window executive team will transition to the zanox AG board and will comprise Mark Walters as CEO, Adam Ross as COO and Peter Loveday as CTO. Michael von Stern will remain as CFO.

After a phase of transition leaving zanox AG will be CEO Thomas Joosten, CSO Stefanie Lüdecke and CTO Christian Rebernik.

Andreas Wiele, Chairman of the zanox Supervisory Board and Member of the Executive Board of Axel Springer SE says: “I congratulate Mark Walters, Adam Ross and Peter Loveday on their new and enlarged roles within the zanox network. This merger will allow us to develop our commercial strategy, products and technologies more quickly and consistently. I would like to thank the leaving board members for their work in the Executive Board to lay the foundation for this step and their constant commitment during the entire acquisition and transition process.

Arndt Groth, CEO of PubliGroupe says: “zanox and Affiliate Window are leaders in their respective markets. Combining the leadership structure of the two companies will further boost and strengthen the Group’s position and result in greater cross-fertilization to the benefit of all clients in all markets.”

Mark Walters, new CEO zanox AG says: “The merging of Affiliate Window and zanox allows us to drive innovation at an even faster pace as well as provide harmonized, highly sophisticated service across all our markets. Through sticking to the core values of Service, Technology, Innovation, Ethics, and Performance that have made us successful, we will take the zanox Group to new levels.


For press enquiries please contact:

Lisa Chaikin
Head of PR & Marketing
Affiliate Window
e: lisa.chaikin@affiliatewindow.com
t: 020 7553 0333

Fall Fashion Sports Guide: Part Three

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Following on from Part 1  and Part 2 of our Fall Fashion Sports Guide, we bring you the final part in the series.

In this installment, we’ve sourced the best Compression Pieces, Cycling Accessories, Equestrian Fashion, Rugby Shirts, Soccer Fashion and Running Fashion.

Now we’ve covered all aspects of fall sports fashion for your readers, go forth and promote!

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Compression Pieces

2XU specializes in a flexible, breathable compression material that is engineered to support muscles and prevent injury. These pieces are perfect for rigorous training sessions and can be worn as a base layer or on their own. As an added bonus, 2XU is offering FREE SHIPPING on orders over $100! Show your shoppers how to stock up on quality compression apparel and save on pesky shipping fees.

Compression Men   Polyvore

1. Short Sleeve | 2. Shorts | 3. Sleeveless Top | 4. Leg Sleeves

Compression Women   Polyvore

1. Tights | 2. Top | 3. Socks

Deciding on a New Market

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Todays-Awinning-TipsmallYou have a great idea for a new site, and you feel really passionate about it – that’s great! Enthusiasm about an idea is essential for success in performance marketing.

However, being passionate about a site is not always enough to make money. On occasions you will just want to run some of your sites as a hobby and nothing more, and that is fine. But it is important to know from the get go, which website ideas have potential for making affiliate’s money and which ones do not.

So, how do I assess this?

1) Look at the size of the market

How many people are searching for phrases or words relating to your website idea? Use the Google Keyword Tool to get stats on the number of searches for a given term per month and Google Trends to compare between terms. However, be aware that the terms or themes that are searched for the most aren’t always the best ones to go after as sometimes the competition level for these terms will be too high.

2) Look at the competition

Be careful of entering sectors where larger established sites already have the power. If you want to start up a niche comparison site, then you do not want to be competing with the big dogs. Always do a search on Google to see who your competitors would be, and have a look at the CPC (cost per click) of your target phrases or terms on the Google Keyword Tool.

3) Are the products on my site in demand?

Once you have found a great niche, with a fair amount of searches but a low amount of competition, you then need to have a think about why the competition levels are low. One such reason might be because it is very hard to make money from that area. Consider early on whether the topics that you are going to be talking about relate to the kind of things which consumers are likely to buy online.

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Fall Fashion Sports Guide: Part Two

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Following on from Part 1 of our Fall Fashion Sports Guide, we bring you Part 2.

Here you’ll find the best Yoga Fashion, Barefoot Shoes, Sneakers, Nutrition & Training and Multi-Sport Fashion.

Don’t miss Part 3, coming next week!

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Yoga Fashion

Let your readers release their strength from within! Peace Love World will keep their stress level at a minimum with their eco-friendly yoga items. From the mat to the water bottle, your shoppers will be set for a relaxing and tranquil yoga session. On orders of $100 or more, Peace Love World is offering FREE SHIPPING! That’s the type of deal to make your readers want to hum “Namaste” as they finalize their orders.

yoga fashion   Polyvore

1. Mat | 2. Hoodie | 3. Pants | 4. Water Bottle | 5. Bag