Fall Fashion Sports Guide: Part One

August 28th, 2014

One of the best aspects of fall, besides the changing of leaves and pumpkin flavored everything, are the SPORTS! Fall sports include football, soccer, golf, swimming, running, biking, baseball, rugby and others among in between. To celebrate the kick-off of a new season, we have put together a three-part fall fashion sport guide for your readers featuring our fabulous advertisers. For your convenience, we even put together a list of sport ticketing events so your readers will know all the best deals of their favorite games!

In Part One we cover Jerseys, Baseball & Football Shirts, Golf Fashion & Shoes and Kids Swimwear.

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Rocking your favorite jersey to a NFL or MLB game is all a part of the fun. HomeRunMonkey and Dr. Jays have the jerseys your readers need to support their favorite team.


Jerseys   Polyvore


1. Phillies | 2. St. Louis | 3.Vintage Jersey | 4. Orioles | 5. Brooklyn

Baseball and Football Shirts

Cafepress is a great shop for readers to gather up some quirky, fun tees. They offer a large variety of team shirts for your shoppers to show support of their favorite baseball and/or football team in a comfy, casual way. These tops are ideal for Sunday football parties or lounging on the couch!

Baseball Shirts   Polyvore

1. Red Sox | 2. Baseball | 3. Buck Foston | 4. Giants Suck

Football Tees   Polyvore

1. Football Helmet | 2. Sunday Funday | 3. Fantasy Football | 4. Eat, Sleep, Football Read the rest of this entry »

Measuring the influence: how should we reward publishers for their contribution?

August 28th, 2014

With persistent perceptions that certain affiliates or, more broadly, affiliate types, are not receiving fair commission payments for their contribution to affiliate sales, alternative attribution models continue to be the source of much debate and consternation in the channel.

With last click a standard across the industry since its inception however, what is the appetite to change a model that has worked when such little empirical evidence exists to say it’s fundamentally broken?

The importance of empirical data
Multi-attribution has come to the fore with many believing that a model that rewards all publishers within the path to conversion is the route that should be taken. In reality though, this is not the best solution and the fact that only a handful of advertisers across the channel have such a model in place is probably testament to that. Our research over the years shows few affiliate sales have multiple affiliate interactions and besides, in an era of cross-device transactions, just how robust is the data?

The practicalities of rolling out a multi-attribution model can be complicated, with technical set up required to track and report on this. Additionally problems arise when trying to roll this out across all publisher types. If we consider cashback sites as an example, without knowing where in the customer journey a cashback site is involved, it is nigh on impossible to advertise the correct cashback rate to their members. Additionally this concept ignores that a click is an arbitrary measure. There is no value associated with a click and each one is given the same weight, irrespective of the influence it had upon a sale.

Never attribute within the channel
We also need to look far more broadly: an affiliate attribution discussion is a navel gazing distraction. Attributing within our channel misses the point. It ignores the complexity and range of activity and for many advertisers is a tiny part of a much wider mission to make their marketing money go further.

That said, there is a general feeling that certain activity within the channel, or specifically certain affiliates’ traffic, isn’t necessarily being adequately rewarded by a standard CPA model.

How assist data can help optimize your program
And this is one of the reasons we have recently added data on sale assists into our reporting, allowing advertisers to see the publishers who are involved in transactions but not converting them. Additionally, this data is available to publishers to allow them to showcase their additional value to advertisers. A high level of assists shows that a publisher is heavily involved in the decision making process. By providing this data, it is possible for advertisers to consider how to work with publishers who are typically involved in the earlier stages of the customer journey. This could be by simply issuing them with manual bonuses for their activity, or up-weighting their commission to reflect where they have been highly influential without closing a sale.

On the back of this data we have built a report which shows the ‘total influence’ of each publisher. This is the number of sales combined with the number of sales they have assisted in. This allows our account managers to easily identify the publishers that have very high level of influence but low level commissions. The outcome is hopefully greater all round understanding of the intricacies of the channel.

table1 Read the rest of this entry »

Affiliate Window Interface Changes

August 27th, 2014

We have released a new header and navigation menu that is now visible on the Affiliate Window interface. This is a small change that we are rolling out as part of a bigger goal to improve the look, feel and user experience on the platform.

Some of the improvements are:

• The size of the header has been reduced to save space so that users can read more content without being required to scroll down
• More logical navigation has been implemented to make it easier for users to find information
• The header has been de-cluttered to make it more readable
• We have ensured that users with ‘restricted viewer’ permission cannot access any performance/financial data on the interface including the dashboard
• We have made the menu more suitable for “viewers” and “restricted viewers” so that they can only view pages that are relevant to them

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with the product team (product@affiliatewindow.com) if you have any questions or would like to provide feedback.

Exact match domain names – are they worth the money and effort?

August 22nd, 2014

Todays-Awinning-TipsmallExact match domain names for highly searched phrases used to pretty much guarantee you traffic from search engines. But on September 27th 2012, Google launched an update decreasing the effect that having an exact match domain has on rankings for that same exact phrase.

However, this method does still work for ranking in other search engines. These rankings can still give you a certain amount of leverage in Google. However due to the devaluation of EMDs in the Google algorithm, the equation to success, needs to include a lot of quality, informative content, a low bounce rate and all the other indications that your site is of quality.

Furthermore, in the majority of cases it is a lot harder to build up a long-term brand from an exact match domain. It would be much harder to build up a brand identity with an affiliate site on a domain such as ‘bestofficechairs.com’. Additionally, it greatly limits the possibilities for expanding into other product areas. Have a think about some top online websites – amazon.com or ebay, com, for example, in the majority of instances they are not exact match domains.

That being said, perhaps the ultimate winners are short, exact match domains, which you can create a brand from – vouchers.com, for example. But, once the price tags of these are weighed up, we recommend you choose to go with spending that money on quality content and marketing.


The Monthly Digest: Issue 8 – 2014

August 20th, 2014

MonthlyDigest_logo300x130 (4)Welcome to Affiliate Window’s Monthly Digest; a round-up of the most relevant and interesting industry articles published in the last 30 days. Keep up to date with trending topics being debated within performance marketing, by reading our top five recommended posts each month.

Online Retail Up 14% in July, Led By Jewelry And Clothing

Shopping in categories like jewelry and watches and apparel helped boost online retail spending 14% in July from a year ago, according to a new analysis by RBC Capital Markets, citing comScore data. That rate was faster than the 10% growth in the second quarter overall, and the 8% increase the prior month.

One day this month, mobile will topple desktop

Any minute now, the percentage of traffic coming from mobile devices will surpass the percentage from PCs for retailers using the mobile commerce platform from Branding Brand, the vendor predicts. In July 2014, 49.6% of all traffic to a group of 26 retailer clients tracked by Branding Brand stemmed from mobile devices, 34.9% from smartphones and 14.7% from tablets. The 26 retailers together rung up $45 million in mobile sales in July, the m-commerce technology provider reports.

What you can learn from Airbnb’s new logo backlash
It’s been a few weeks since Airbnb launched a bold new brand into the world and captured the internet’s imagination. The company’s headlines are just now transitioning back to more expected fare such as “Airbnb slobs are causing a ruckus in Montauk” and “Airbnb host can’t get rid of squatter.” Now that the dust has settled, it’s worth taking a moment to see what we can learn from this modern branding odyssey.

Seven ECommerce Tips To Pass The Back To School Marketing Test

It might seem early, but the back to school marketing blitz is already gearing up. There’s a reason it comes so early: some estimates suggest back to school season accounts for more than $72 billion in consumer spending. Backpacks, calculators, sneakers and staplers are on the list of must-haves for millions of Americans—both parents and students. The following seven tips can be used by any eCommerce entity to better understand them and optimize marketing to create a connection with them.

Do your calls to action grab users’ attention?

An effective CTA should leave the shopper in no doubt about the next step they need to take to add an item to their basket, complete a purchase etc.  To achieve this, they need to catch the user’s attention, and eyetracking is a great way to measure the effectiveness of different CTA designs. Thanks to Luke Hay, Research and UX Director at noporkpies, we have some useful tests on CTA design for you…

Best Back 2 School Advice – Back to School publisher competition

August 11th, 2014

Harry Potter, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, School of Rock, Grease – some of the best films were based in and around going to school. That’s why to celebrate (or mourn!) the ‘Back to School’ promotional period, we’ll be posting the best advice one-liners from our favorite school movies on our Facebook page – and we want to hear yours!

For your chance to win a $75 gift card to spend at CaféPress.com to help get you and your family ready to go back to school, simply like the Affiliate Window Facebook page and comment on our photos with your best school advice quote from a film or TV show.

CaféPress.com is the one-stop-shop for all things personalized and customized. The gift card can be used to treat yourself or your family to some one-of-a-kind Back to School gear.


The competition will run from Monday August 11th, ending midnight Sunday August 17th. Each comment including a quote will count as an entry and Affiliate Window publishers can enter as many times as they want.

We’re kicking off the competition with the infamous Plastics’ advice to new girl Cady Heron in Mean Girls:

“On Wednesday’s we wear pink!”

Mean Girls

Head on over to our Facebook page now to share your Best Back 2 School advice one-liner with us J

Good luck!

Get your readers ready to go Back to School with our promotional guide!

Terms and Conditions

• Competition runs from 10.00am EST Monday August 11th to 23:59 EST Sunday August 17th 2014

• The Affiliate Window team will choose the top three entries that will win 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes respectively

• The judges’ decision is final

• Entrants must ‘Like’ the Affiliate Window Facebook page to be counted

• Inappropriate entries or those containing profanity will not be accepted

• Affiliate Window reserves the right to disqualify any entrant who has broken the competition T&C

• Affiliate Window reserves the right to amend these rules at any time

• Winners must be available for us to contact on Monday August 18th to confirm delivery details

• Winners need to be aged 16 or over

• There are no alternative prizes

• The competition is not open to any employees of Digital Window

• No responsibility can be accepted for entries which are not properly received due to communications beyond our control

• If you have any questions about this competition, please contact promotions@affiliatewindow.com