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Mobile Ticketing in the Performance Channel

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Mobile commerce has experienced incredible growth over the past few years. As a network we are now seeing a staggering one in every five clicks originating from a mobile device. With consumers regularly turning to mobile in order to access the internet, there have been significant opportunities to capitalize on the growth trend.

In this document we examine how event ticketing is a sector that is flourishing as a result of the increase in mobile activity. We provide an overview of the sales by device for the sector, the advertisers that are performing well and the publishers that are effective at generating sales through mobile devices.


Across the sector as a whole, the share of sales through mobile devices has increased each month, despite a slight drop off in June 2013. Back in June 2012, just 5% of sales were generated through mobile devices, with the majority of these through tablets. Fast forward to May 2013 and 12.5% of sales through the sector were through mobile devices, with almost 7% of all sales through mobile handsets. With advertisers launching mobile optimized sites complete with affiliate tracking, they are primed to take advantage of the increase in mobile traffic.


Average order values
Regarding average order value (AOV), consumers are consistently spending more through tablet devices. AOV through mobile handsets is below what has been seen through tablets and desktops, however, there is still strong evidence that consumers are prepared to spend big through mobile handsets – with an AOV in excess of $150 through handsets not being uncommon. Seasonality has an impact on the volatility of AOV depending on when tickets go on sale for certain events.


Publisher Breakdown
Across the sector, certain publishers are succeeding at pulling in mobile sales. While there are certain publishers that feature strongly in both mobile and desktop comparisons, it is evident there are others who are stronger at converting visitors through mobile devices. There are two in particular with a strong mobile presence with optimized sites/apps, making them well positioned to perform within the sector.

Advertiser Specific
Although there is a general growth trend across the sector, some advertisers are over indexing in terms of mobile sales. One of the largest ticketing programs on the network generates a greater proportion of sales through mobile handsets than the average for the sector. With a mobile optimized customer journey in place, these advertisers are primed to convert mobile visitors. This advertiser generated nearly 8% of sales through mobile handsets in June.


Additionally, the brand is also seeing consumers prepared to spend a considerable amount through mobile handsets. AOV across all devices is higher than seen as the average across the sector (being a ticket reseller, AOV tends to be higher) but it is still telling that in excess of $200 is typically spent across mobile handsets.


In summary, ticketing is performing extremely well across mobile devices. With a significant number of publishers operating within the sector having mobile optimized sites/apps, the customer journey is completely optimized for mobile. As a result, advertisers are seeing a large share of sales originating from mobile handsets and consumers are prepared to spend big through these devices. Ticketing advertisers not providing their visitors with mobile optimized sites are certainly missing a trick.

Publisher Spotlight: Kiosked

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kioskedKiosked is a leading platform which enables Smart Content by turning any online content, such as images, videos and applications, into interactive and viral storefronts.

First there were Smart Phones, then came Smart TV and now there is Smart Content. Smart Content is a concept for non-intrusive service for consumers in the ever-visualizing web. Visual content should be interactive, targeted, personalized and measurable. With Kiosked, consumers can buy the products they see in any type of online content immediately and intuitively while they are browsing the web. Learn more about Smart Content by reading the Kiosked Smart Content Trend Report 2013.

kiosked2How does it work?

The Kiosked platform moves beyond connecting images with products. It connects the three major parts of the online ecosystem – brands, publishers and consumers – with each other.

Kiosked allows brands to be contextual and relevant to consumers at any given time. There is the opportunity to engage directly with fans anywhere just by adding kiosks to all visual content. Brands are able to create storefronts that can then be shared across various channels thus allowing the products featured within the content to be instantly purchased.

For publishers, Kiosked is a way to monetize their visual content (images & video) and earn on every impulse they generate. Whenever somebody shops through Kiosked media, the content publisher earns a commission. In short, anything online can become a storefront and an opportunity to monetize.

TheHub: Our Essential Publisher Portal

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hubIf you’re not familiar with TheHub, our publisher portal, we encourage you to check it out and bookmark it today! TheHub is another great way for our publishers and advertisers to communicate with transparency, keeping our publishers up to date on Affiliate Window program launches, updates and promotions! Our advertisers and account managers actively keep TheHub current with everything you’ll need to know to run a successful affiliate campaign!

Search for keywords and brands, as well as browse through the various categories in order to find the posts most relevant to your own site and activity. Additionally, access centralized news from the network, the industry calendar and publisher newsletter archive.

Find more details in our FAQ below and stay tuned for features and functionalities added over the coming months!

circle_mouseWhat does this mean for publishers?

TheHub is designed to help you get the news and promotional updates that are relevant to you, so be sure to familiarize yourself with the navigation and post filters. Bookmark the site and check back frequently, as we are always adding new information. If you have any feedback on the portal, please send it to

circle_chartMini-Feeds & Seasonal Offers

Providing an air of convenience for our publishers is one of our main focuses as a network. During peak holiday or buying seasons, we will be compiling mini-feeds that center around a particular theme, gift, or holiday. Publishers will be able to download this ready-to-use product feed complete with a range of products from various merchants. Check out our Events Mini-Feed as an example.

circle_businessNew Advertisers

Every new program launch is posted on TheHub with details about each program. Stay up to date on new program offerings, along with any launch commission increases, by checking TheHub and our New Advertiser section!

Publisher Spotlight: Prosperent

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prosperentProsperent builds the tools and provides the data necessary for publishers to make more money on their traffic. Founded in 2009, the company is one of the fastest growing performance advertising networks, serving up millions of ad impressions per day. Prosperent’s growing list of advertising partners includes a diverse range of Fortune 500 brands and hundreds more. With dynamic ads, an API for advanced developers, consumer trend data, CMS plugins for wordpress, vbulletins and more, publishers can worry less about how to monetize their content and focus on creating it.

How does it work?

Prosperent simplifies performance marketing and brings it to the mainstream audience. The platform manages advertiser relationships and offers tools that make accessing important data as easy as possible, helping advertisers and publishers maximize earnings.

From performance ads to raw API data, Prosperent’s comprehensive suite of affiliate tools will have any site up and running quickly and easily. Each tool leverages their powerful analytics engine allowing for effective performance monitoring and the opportunity for publishers to take full advantage of their ad space.

Performance Ads

These dynamic performance ads allow publishers to spend less time managing their ad space and more time developing content and promoting their sites. Where traditional banner ads detract from the appearance and user experience of a web site, Performance Ads augment content and provide exactly what visitors are interested in. Publishers simply need to copy and paste the ad code into their site’s advertising space and Prosperent’s powerful engine will handle the rest.

Once uploaded, Prosperent is able to analyze content and user behavior to determine which products from their partners are most likely to interest the visitor. A highly targeted product ad is then delivered, which when clicked, leads to a relevant advertiser web site.

The Monthly Digest: Issue 1

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booksWelcome to Affiliate Window’s first installment of The Monthly Digest; a round-up of the most relevant and interesting industry articles published in the last 30 days. Keep up to date with trending topics being debated within performance marketing, by reading our top five recommended posts each month.

Eight ways to Find and Nurture High-Value Affiliates

“Affiliate marketing is now one of the fastest-growing segments of online commerce, thanks, in part, to its pay-for-performance role in marketing budgets. Yet many marketers do not understand affiliate attribution. As a result, advertisers are unaware that their affiliate sales are inflated—sometimes by as much as 200% to 300%—making their affiliate program a cost center rather than a revenue source.”

Social media must move to boardroom

“The companies that will drive the most advantage from social media in the years to come will be those that treat it as a boardroom and executive committee level issue rather than as a pure marketing and communications function.”

Four mobile SEO mistakes you shouldn’t be making

“While the rise in the use of responsive web design is reducing the amount of SEO considerations developers need to remember when designing a new site, there are still fundamental differences that need to be considered during the design stages and beyond.”

Affiliate networks generate 572 mobile sales per hour

“Mobile sales are speeding up on the U.S. and U.K. affiliate networks of Affiliate Window—the networks generated 572 mobile commerce sales per hour in May, the company reports. Highlighting how fast m-commerce is growing, the networks recorded more mobile sales from January through May 2013 than they recorded from January through November 2012.”

The Simple Cure for Google Algorithm Update Anxiety

“Google Algorithm Update Anxiety (GAUA) is a serious disorder that afflicts many marketers around the world. The condition was first discovered by scientists in April of 2003 when Google released its Cassandra algorithm update. Since then, the GAUA disorder has become a pandemic.” 


Make the most of Summer with Affiliate Window’s Ticketing Programs!

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Summertime is here and there is no better time of the year to enjoy your favorite band or sports team! Publishers in the entertainment/ticketing space have a large selection of top ticketing programs to choose from on Affiliate Window including Ticketmaster,, PrimeSport and TicketsNow!





With you are partnering with the world’s #1 online ticket store. By linking to Ticketmaster events in both the US & Canada, you can add some of the web’s most compelling content for your site visitor’s enjoyment and receive referral fees for doing so. features events delivered by over 9,000 venues and event promoters. Now you can share in the excitement of the events by joining the Ticketmaster Affiliate Program. It is almost as great as having a front row ticket. Well, almost.




ScoreBig offers sports, music and theater tickets at 10-60% below box office price. At ScoreBig users make their own offers for tickets, and it never charges any fees. ScoreBig has a full slate of tickets for the NFL, NBA, MLB, and more.

Why join the ScoreBig Program?

  • - ScoreBig is unique! Live entertainment fans make an offer on more than a half million live event tickets – all below retail price and without fees!
  • - Earn 10% commission for new purchasers and 4% for repeat purchasers
  • - 45 day cookie duration
  • - API available
  • - Datafeed with over 1,500 events
  • - Great selection of links & banners