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Publisher Spotlight: VigLink

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VigLink_Stacked_Logo_rgbContent and Commerce are close friends in the publishing world, especially online, where increasingly they work together to build brand and drive revenue for web-based publishers and retailers. Based on the idea that online content (a blog, forum, mobile app, or curated website) is valuable to its readers, and therefore should also make money for its publishers, content-driven commerce is changing the way consumers buy, publishers earn, and advertisers sell.

VigLink is built on the idea that publishers should be compensated for the content they create and the commerce they drive. The largest network of its kind, VigLink maximizes earnings for tens of thousands of publishers and works with more than 30,000 advertisers, processing billions of page views and over five hundred million clicks each month.

For the consumers tired of online ads that are intrusive, distracting, and increasingly irrelevant, content-driven commerce connects them to products and services the authorities they trust—their favorite publishers—are talking about. Ever more sophisticated in their web browsing and time starved in their shopping habits, these readers visit websites for trusted, authoritative points of view. The content they find there is far more valuable to them (and, ultimately, to retailers) than the average advert. Being able to click directly to products and services in the context of the content environment simplifies everything, and it enables readers to drown out the noise of traditional advertising and avoid having to wade through the results of a typical Google search.

Make the Most of Q4 with these GREAT Affiliate Window Tools

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As we move into the final quarter of the year, there’s only one thing on everyone’s mind – how can we round off the year successfully? At Affiliate Window, we are constantly striving to produce tools and solutions which will help you to be most effective during the busy festive season. Not working with us already? Become a Publisher or an Advertiser.


TheHub TheHub, our publisher portal, is a great way for our publishers and advertisers to communicate with transparency, keeping our publishers updated on Affiliate Window program launches, network news and latest promotions. Our advertisers and account managers actively keep TheHub current with everything you’ll need to know to run a successful affiliate campaign.Search for keywords and brands, as well as browse through the various categories in order to find the posts most relevant to your own site and activity. Additionally, access centralized news from the network, the industry calendar and publisher newsletter archive.

Find more details on our blog and stay tuned for features and functionalities added over the coming months.


MyAWOur Google Chrome extension for publishers, MyAW adds a button to the Chrome toolbar which can be used when a publisher visits any Affiliate Window advertiser site, whether they are joined to the programs or not. Publishers can join programs, quickly generate shortened tracker links, ‘One-click’ share links on Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus; generate custom URLs and generate links to specific product pages.In addition, the extension shows all the latest consumer offers and will highlight the exclusive coupons available to publishers. For those publishers with multiple accounts, ‘one-click’ account switch functionality has been added for ease of use. The plugin also offers a ‘one click’ deep link generator. You can see a live demo on our YouTube page.


Exclusive Coupon CodesAdvertisers can now offer exclusive codes to publishers which are only visible to the chosen publisher. The code feed was modified to include the exclusive codes. Publishers who wish to include this detail in the feed are required to pull the new link from the discount codes page.In order to add greater transparency, our interface reveals to advertisers if a publisher uses an unauthorized exclusive code, as it will be marked red further highlighting which publisher should be credited with the transaction.

Overall, you will find that the discount code pages (both for advertisers and publishers) have been improved to ensure a user friendly interface.


Batch Processing Transaction QueriesOur market leading transaction query system hugely benefits both publishers and advertisers!Publishers can upload any number of claims with ease and efficiency by creating a csv of the transactions they wish to query and upload them all at once.

It’s just as easy for advertisers too who can simply download the queried transactions, add the word ‘approved’ or ‘declined’ to them and then re-upload the file for processing. Better still, you can even amend the amounts of commission involved and our system will know to automatically apply any changes you make. Adding, reviewing and altering claims has never been so easy.


Mobile Tracking Ensured!Earlier this year, we launched an initiative to ensure advertisers without tracking on their mobile sites were diverting mobile traffic through to the desktop version of the site. While this did not lend itself to a seamless mobile customer experience, it meant publishers were being fairly rewarded for the sales they were driving through mobile handsets. This was put in place as an interim measure and as soon as advertisers add tracking to their mobile sites, all traffic will be sent back to the mobile site to ensure a fully optimized mobile customer journey.


Your Vote CountsThe Revenue Performance survey for the Top 20 Performance Marketing Networks is now open. Whether you are a publisher or advertiser, your views matter. 2013 saw us take further steps to introduce new products and to improve our service levels as evidenced above. Please vote for us only if you believe we are working harder to be a better partner to all of our clients.We wish you great success this Holiday Season. As always, if you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please contact us.

Not already partnering with Affiliate Window? Become a Publisher or an Advertiser.


The Monthly Digest – Issue 3

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digestWelcome to Affiliate Window’s Monthly Digest; a round-up of the most relevant and interesting industry articles published in the last 30 days. Keep up to date with trending topics being debated within performance marketing, by reading our top five recommended posts each month.

3 Strategies for Achieving Performance in Mobile Marketing

“Like social media and search before that, many advertisers are scratching their heads over what to do with mobile marketing. Marketers who embrace new channels first have a clear advantage over their competition.”

Sweet Treats

“Customer loyalty programs are an ideal option for many small- to medium-sized businesses. The ability to track customer spend—including likes and wants, while offering incentives such as coupons and prizes is a great way to boost sales and present a business’ brand in front of the public.”

Facebook Removes App Requirement for Promotions: Let the Giveaways Begin!

“Facebook made a small announcement today that is actually a huge, positive change for any business with a Facebook Page. They removed the partner app requirement for running a promotion (aka contest or giveaway) on your page.”

66% of Asian businesses plan to increase digital marketing budgets over the next 12 months: report

“Two-thirds of Asian businesses (66%) plan to increase their digital marketing budgets over the next 12 months, according to new research from Econsultancy and Campaign Asia-Pacific. In comparison, just 19% of companies plan to increase their offline budgets in the same time period.”

The Web Developer’s SEO Cheat Sheet 2.0

“This free and downloadable document covers all of the important SEO code and best practices that are needed by online marketers and developers.”


Affiliate Window Launches Dedicated Compliance Blog

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CompliancelogoWe’re pleased to announce the launch of our network compliance blog. This site is put together by the Compliance Team who is tasked with ensuring our network is kept free from unethical affiliate activity.

This blog is part of our ongoing commitment to be the most open and transparent network, and provides us with an opportunity to showcase best practice, expose unethical or fraudulent activity and raise the industry bar for this critical network function.

Our compliance services include:

compliance 2

If you have any questions regarding the services available through the compliance team or any feedback on our compliance procedures, please get in touch.

Internationalization of Fashion Brands

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The internationalization and expansion of UK retail brands has been one of the key digital trends in 2013. At global performance network, Affiliate Window, we recently received an interesting research piece highlighting the growth of UK brands within international territories. This has stemmed from UK retailers capitalizing on the dual momentum of the country’s sophisticated e-commerce infrastructure and a seemingly insatiable appetite for British goods. A number of fashion brands have been successful in entering new territories and in the past year we have seen an influx of these into the US.

Brands Entering the US
This influx has included successful British fashion labels such as TM Lewin, Superdry, Monsoon and most recently Jack Wills. In this time we have seen exponential growth as more fashion brands enter the US market and consumers’ adoption of these brands increase steadily. The chart below demonstrates the month on month growth of transactions that have been generated by UK fashion retailers within the US.


A number of factors are behind this growth: the increase in the number of advertisers that have entered the market has obviously boosted performance as these brands recognize there is consumer demand for their goods.

By delving into individual advertiser’s data, the increased uptake of these brands is evident. Looking at Advertiser A, this growth pattern is clearly illustrated for November 2012 through to February 2013. While some of this growth can be attributed to seasonal trends, increased sales volumes further resulted due to affiliate take up of the program and consumer interest.


Similarly Advertiser B, a more recent entrant into the US market who experienced almost 200% growth three months post launch as the brand developed a foothold within a competitive market place.


The Role of Mobile Devices
As we have seen across a number of other sectors, mobile commerce has really changed the landscape. The way that consumers interact with brands has experienced a significant shift and mobile devices are a key component of this. Within fashion specifically, consumers are looking to engage with content and tablets especially, provide the platform for them to interact with the brands. There are numerous publishers with apps based around fashion leading to growth in the sector across mobile devices.


Since the start of the year mobile devices have become more prevalent. While in December 2012 90% of transactions tracked through desktops on Affiliate Window, mobile hit a peak in April 2013 with 20% of sales originating from a mobile device. Mobile performance is dependent on advertisers having a mobile optimized customer journey in place, complete with affiliate tracking. As more advertisers launch and improve their mobile offering, we expect a further shift towards mobile devices. Across the network more than 20% of traffic through mobile devices and this is set to increase even further in the run up to Christmas. It is essential that advertisers are fully prepared to capitalize on the opportunity this presents.

Publisher Performance
The sector benefits from a wide range of promotional types with strong performance. While coupon sites typically drive the most significant volumes there are also a number of opportunities across content publishers and those specializing in PPC. Strong performance across mobile devices is particularly recognized by those publishers utilizing dedicated apps/mobile sites in promoting fashion brands.

With the size of the US market, there is no denying it is an intimidating territory but an extremely lucrative one for advertisers to enter if they get it right. A number of key fashion brands have reaped the rewards with well executed launch strategies. The shift in consumer behavior and the way people access the internet has made it even more important for advertisers to adopt a mobile strategy in order to benefit from the significant increase in mobile traffic over the past few months. With a strong base of affiliates spanning a number of promotional types already performing exceptionally well, any UK based fashion retailer looking to enter the market has the foundations in place to be successful.

August Update

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exploreHere are the key pieces that we worked on last month:

Affiliate Window at ASE 2013

We went to Affiliate Summit East 2013 – the three day conference including an exhibit hall with publishers, advertisers, vendors, and networks, as well as multiple tracks of educational sessions covering the latest trends and information from performance marketing experts. Be sure to contact us about the opportunities available through the network.

Affiliate Window Launches MyAW

Affiliate Window is pleased to announce the release of its new Google Chrome extension for publishers, MyAW. MyAW adds a button to the Chrome toolbar which can be used when a publisher visits any Affiliate Window advertiser site, whether they are joined to the programs or not.

Publisher Spotlight: Boomerang

Our latest spotlight cast a light on social gifting company – Boomerang. The B2B platform helps brands engage customers and their friends through innovative social gifting campaigns that deliver high conversions and grow revenue!

The Monthly Digest: Issue 2

In our second installment of our Monthly Digest, we have rounded up interesting industry articles published in the last 30 days including articles such as Why Video Creators Need to Think Mobile by imediaconnection, The Power of Keeping a Promise by and more.

Tax Update

Though Amazon originally continued to spend heavily on Washington DC Lobbyists, the company combined with to petition a hearing before the US Supreme Court on the issue.  This effectively paused efforts on the Marketplace Fairness Act, as legislators await the results of that request.   Amazon will begin collecting sales tax in Connecticut in November under a direct agreement.  Amazon eliminated all Missouri affiliates on August 27th following passage of the nexus tax legislation in that state.  Tax collection in Georgia and Virginia began Sept. 1st.  A federal court overturned the block on the Colorado nexus tax. Major publications such as Forbes and Lexology continued to weigh in on the Marketplace Fairness Act.

Product Updates

View My Open Tickets

It is now possible to view open tickets as we have added a new link to the side navigation titled ‘View my open tickets’. This small change will save time when trying to find issues that are awaiting a response.

Android Improvements to Device Reporting

We have made an update to device reporting in the Advertiser’s Validate Pending & Archived Commissions reports, and in the Publisher’s transaction report.

Previously all Android transactions, whether carried out on a mobile or tablet were marked as ‘Android’ mobile devices. We’ve broken this down so that now it is possible to see whether a sale came from an ‘Android Tablet’ or an ‘Android Mobile’. This has been updated in the interface and CSV.

Unique discount codes

Discount codes are no longer limited to being unique unless they are being used for a specific publisher. This should help with advertisers re-using codes and for using generic ones like ‘no code’.

Voucher code used in affiliate transactions report

Publishers can now see if a voucher code was used via their transactions reports. However, please note, the actual code for the voucher will not be shown.

New Program Launches

We would love to partner with you on these newly welcomed US and CA advertisers on our network:

5527 (US)

5458 (US & CA)

5487       The Book Depository (US)

5528       LendingTree (US)

5512       21st Century (US)

Keep up to date with the hot topics being debated within performance marketing and all the goings on at the Affiliate Window headquarters by reading our monthly wrap ups each month. See you next time.

If you have any questions about any of our updates, please get in touch.