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The Monthly Digest: Issue 1 – 2014

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MonthlyDigest_logo300x130 (4)Welcome to Affiliate Window’s Monthly Digest; a round-up of the most relevant and interesting industry articles published in the last 30 days. Keep up to date with trending topics being debated within performance marketing, by reading our top five recommended posts each month.

Three Key Steps Towards a Customer-Focused Digital Transformation

“Here is a modern day ‘the chicken or the egg’ scenario. What came first, a business’s digital capabilities or a customer’s need for digital relevance from businesses? Does it really matter? What does matter is that businesses must be digitally wired with a consumer-focused mind set in order to succeed in today’s highly competitive landscape.”

Retailers Prep Mobile Sites for Final Holiday Sales Push

“All of the five top-ranked retailers in the mobile commerce index this week use strategies to help make their mobile sites load quickly and accurately, Keynote says. Just as many e-retailers prepare their e-commerce sites for the online holiday sales season by making sure they load quickly and accurately, at least some retailers extended those site design and performance best practices to their mobile commerce sites as well this December, according to web performance monitoring firm Keynote Systems Inc.”

How to Optimize Your Marketing in Real Time

“Attention is the currency of the Internet, and the brands that can capture and capitalize on it stand to gain a great deal. Their conversions increase, their acquisition rate will improve and their bounce rate will lower. Perhaps just as importantly for businesses, marketers will be able to know if the time and money they invested in creating a campaign was well spent.”

Google’s Top 2013 Search Terms In Asia Hint At Online Trends That Might Go Global

“2013 might be remembered as the year Asian companies started making an undeniable impact on consumer Internet habits around the world. For example, just back in January, MG Siegler warned TechCrunch readers that “trying to suggest that Samsung is not one of the most important companies in technology is increasingly folly.” Now it’s the world’s leading mobile maker (though its rapid growth may have finally plateaued).”

5 New Year’s Resolutions for Marketers

“Since we’re all taking stock of 2013, this last article of the year issues a challenge to marketers to take hold of at least one of these resolutions and really drive some progress in 2014. Online marketing is our profession too, so whatever progress you make reflects back on us all. Let’s step it up!”

Caption My Heart

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A picture is worth a thousand words… We won’t be requiring that many however, as a simple sentence will do.

caption my heart

Do you have what it takes to outwit the wittiest of our publishers? This Valentine’s Day, we want you to caption our photos, all in the name of love.  We will be releasing a variety of ambiguous photos over the next couple of weeks and it is your job to come up with the most accurate, hilarious, silly or simply romantic caption you can think of (no naughty or distasteful entries please, this is a family network).

Get cracking and caption our first image above.

Keep an eye on our Facebook page for the most up to date image every day and reply with your one-liner, being sure to include the #captionmyheart hashtag. The captioner that tickles us the most (judged by the experts at Affiliate Window), will win a $50 Gift Card to a retailer of their choice for their sweetheart(s) or even themselves.

gift card

Good luck!

Terms and Conditions

Myprotein Fuels Performance Marketing Ambition with Affiliate Window

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MyproteinMyprotein has launched its first US based affiliate program exclusively with global performance marketing network Affiliate Window.  The brand’s UK program has partnered with Affiliate Window since 2010 and seen exceptional year-on-year growth.


Myprotein, a division of specialist online retailer, The Hut Group, currently trades in over thirty territories, and is the largest sports supplement provider in Europe.

“We have a long standing and historical partnership with Affiliate Window and the addition of Myprotein US increases our portfolio presence to an impressive 16 corroborated and established top performing affiliate programs with the network” says James Hardwick, Head of Lifestyle Affiliates and Partners. “The Hut Group will see international growth in excess of 1,000% for 2014 for Myprotein through an integrated digital approach.”

Myprotein is continuously investing, testing, scrutinizing and improving all performance marketing channels with an assimilated approach to drive the business forward and achieve exponential growth.  The partnership with Affiliate Window will provide a vast international publisher reach with an abundant platform, helping Myprotein to achieve objectives and exceed targets.

Myprotein plans to use affiliate recruitment as a solid crux for growth moving forward. James explains, “Our dedicated team of highly regarded, professional affiliate and country managers are focussed on performance optimisation, building, and nurturing relationships to establish mutually beneficial win-win partnerships. We encourage any new affiliates to reach out and discuss any ideas and/or opportunities they’d like to explore.

Alex Forsch, Affiliate Window’s US Country Manager comments: “We are excited to welcome Myprotein US to the network, expanding The HutGroup portfolio. By leveraging our dedicated team and award-winning platform, we can focus on helping Myprotein US achieve their international growth. Our robust, real time reporting suite allows The Hut Group to keep ahead of the curve and positively react to the market and consumer trends.

Mobile sales are at the forefront of consumer trends – mobile traffic is currently 20% of all network traffic and 6 million sales originated from a mobile device in 2013. 95% of Affiliate Window advertisers have mobile affiliate tracking in place. Myprotein US have imminent plans to launch a fully functional and mobile/tablet optimized site available with affiliate tracking enabled.

For more information or to join the Myprotein program, click here.


For press enquiries, please contact:
Affiliate Window PR Department
t: 020 7553 0333

Never Miss a Trick with the Affiliate Window Seasonal Calendar

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Between running seasonal campaigns, fundraising and attending industry conferences – the Affiliate Window team and our advertisers have a busy schedule throughout the year. That’s why we’ve stuck to one of our New Year’s resolutions this year and created the AWin Seasonal Calendar with our key dates pencilled in for 2014.


We’ve found it so useful that we wanted to share it publicly so you can keep up to date with all the latest promotions, publisher incentives and conferences. Access and bookmark it here.

Here’s a quick guide to highlighted activities:


Advertiser Promotions

Advertiser promotions are listed on the first Monday of the month with a breakdown of all promotional opportunities detailed in the far right column of the corresponding month. These promotional categories will be added to TheHub such as Valentine’s Day to be promoted throughout January or Thanksgiving in October. To ensure we’re making the most of any sale or season, please keep sharing your promotional calendar with your Affiliate Window account manager.

Publisher Incentives

In addition to showcasing seasonal promotions, we offer fun competitions on our social media channels to give our publishers a chance to win prizes or cash bonuses. Let your account manager know if you’re an advertiser and would like to take advantage of additional exposure through competition sponsorship.

Industry Events

To keep up with the industry and network with the key players in digital marketing, we are attending several conferences and events such as AM Days San Francisco, Internet Retailer and Affiliate Summit.

We hope you find our Seasonal Calendar as useful as we do for 2014 – if you have any feedback or questions, please get in touch.

Publisher Spotlight: PerkSpot

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perkspotspotlightPerkSpot is the leading provider of online employee perks and discounts. Through its proprietary technology platform, employees or association members are provided with a single point of access for specialty benefits, personal insurance products, and discounts on consumer goods and services.

With a world class client list including Fortune 500 corporations, state and local governments, school districts, and other affinity groups, Perkspot is able to provide value to any size organization that stands to benefit from improved employee or member morale.

How does it work?

Advertisers gain access to an ideal range of potential consumers and can determine the optimal audience by targeting all PerkSpot members or segmenting more narrowly, based on individual needs.

PerkSpot Marketplace

  • •The PerkSpot technology platform is installed into the intranets of our 175+ clients, allowing PerkSpot to reach over one million registered users, as well as three million total employees and members.
  • •This reach generates over 1.7 million page views per month and is growing on average of 25% year-over-year.
  • •Marketplace placements are sold in one month increments, but can also be scheduled in weekly increments.
  • •Availability consists of Homepage Banners, Everyday Savings and Widget placements.
  • •Exclusive offers are organized by category and subcategory with sponsorship also available in these areas.


PerkSpot Email

  • •PerkSpot emails are sent weekly, highlighting select offers.
  • •There are over 750k subscribers nationally with each email blast containing up to 10 advertisers.
  • •Promotional calendar follows seasonal themes and advertiser seasonality.
  • •Traditional email listings are available in small, medium and large sizes.
  • •Specialty emails are sent to the entire 750,000+ subscriber base in place of the general weekly email.
  • •Featured Emails allow only three select advertisers to be highlighted with dedicated emails highlighting only one select advertiser.


What else do you need to know?perkspot2

The PerkSpot platform provides an opportunity for advertisers to engage with consumers in that critical moment.

  • •INFLUENCE:  Shoppers are targeted when they are ready to spend and where they have a history of shopping.
  • •PRECEDENCE:  Members check with PerkSpot first before shopping for everything from daily items to big-ticket purchases.
  • •CHOICE:  Audience can be segmented by employer, industry or geography.

To learn more about the program and how you can partner with PerkSpot, please get in touch. 

The Year that Was: A 2013 Retrospective

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US 2013 highlightsAs we begin a new year and the holiday season seems a distant memory, we are taking a moment to look back at what we achieved in 2013 and give a glimpse into what’s coming in 2014.

The year of mobile has been mentioned exhaustively, but 2013 was truly the year of mobile for us. Mobile efforts included:


Mobile Tracking Ensured:  In early 2013, we launched an initiative to ensure advertisers without tracking on their mobile sites were diverting mobile traffic through to the desktop version of the site. This meant publishers were fairly rewarded for the sales they were driving through mobile handsets. This was put in place as an interim measure and as soon as advertisers added tracking to their mobile sites, all traffic was sent back to the mobile site to ensure a fully optimized mobile customer journey.  Currently, we’re tracking more than 95% of our advertisers’ m-commerce sales making us the leading CPS affiliate network in the mobile space. We remain committed to driving that number ever closer to 100% in 2014.

Mobile Device Performance Reports:  On November 1st, we introduced mobile device performance reports that allow users to understand and optimize their affiliate activity for each device type (tablet, handset), or individual device (Apple iPad, Android tablet); providing insight into clicks, transactions, sale amount, commission, EPC, AOV and conversion rate. Publishers are now able to understand how advertisers perform across mobile devices and see their top mobile performers. Advertisers can also drill down to mobile performance by individual affiliate. We are committed to showcasing mobile success stories through data insights in 2014.

Monthly mobile reports:  Each month we publish our latest mobile statistics highlighting mobile sales, traffic, conversions, and average order values.  All of this information is broken down by device type to provide full transparency. We also published two mobile white papers and infographics demonstrating the growth of the mobile revolution within digital marketing.

We further launched MyAW – one of our best received initiatives in 2013.  This Google Chrome extension for publishers, adds a button to the Chrome toolbar. Publishers can join programs, quickly generate shortened tracker links, custom URLs, links to specific product pages, and create ‘one click’ share links on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. See more on our YouTube page.

In 2013 Affiliate Window welcomed some major global brands onto the network including Virgin Atlantic and Hyatt.

Our dedicated compliance team is responsible for ensuring the network is at the forefront of affiliate quality and preventing abuse of our advertiser’s programs. As a network, we pride ourselves on our strong ethical stance and ‘zero tolerance’ approach when it comes to suspicious activity.  Our suite of tools monitors all search engines and removes hidden adware and spyware, protecting against fraud.  We also initiated ‘soft click’ functionality for remarketing and retargeting affiliates in order to ensure affiliates that played an earlier part in the purchase path remain rewarded for their promotional efforts.

These are just a few of the fantastic achievements from 2013, and we look forward to growing and enhancing our suite of tools and reports based on your feedback.

Into 2014

In the next few months, our new datafeed platform will be released allowing advertisers to provide additional details about their products, making it easier for publishers to find accurate product information.

Expect to see additional influencer reports highlighting the contribution of affiliates across the whole affiliate purchasing path as well as extra interface upgrades.

This year we have made a commitment to utilize our best in class business intelligence reporting tools to create research reports on various sectors including ticketing, travel and fashion so keep in touch over the next few months so we can ensure you’re updated.

We will also commit to robust compliance upgrades to ensure we protect existing affiliates’ traffic and drive

Stay updated throughout 2014

Remember you can also keep updated via the network’s regular Strategy updates by signing up to receive our monthly newsletter.