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Advertiser Interview: Chain Reaction Cycles

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CRCWith the expansion of the Chain Reaction Cycles program into the thriving American and Canadian markets, we caught up with the online bike store to discuss their current strategy and to gain insight into their future performance marketing plans.

You have launched your global online bike store program in the US and Canadian markets. What drove this move?

The US and Canada are huge markets and ones in which we already have a good presence. However there is potential for this presence to be much stronger. We see our affiliate program as being one of the key gateways to establishing ourselves here, mainly due to there being a big demand for the products that we sell in these markets. Chain Reaction Cycles are very competitively priced and with an industry leading product range and excellent shipping options are very well positioned to fulfil high volumes of orders from these markets.

How important to your strategy is development and growth within these markets?

It is very important. Affiliate marketing provides a great opportunity for us to work directly with publishers that are passionate about all things cycling. We are well aware that if we build a strong relationship with the key performers, they can become brand ambassadors. This is something we are keen to realise, making this channel a very important part of our strategy.

These are exciting times for the company and your industry. How do you see the Chain Reaction Cycles program developing over the next couple of years?

Over the next two years, we would like to see the US and Canada program become our strongest performing affiliate program.

What are your aspirations for the performance channel? What types of publishers do you plan to work most closely with?

We are prepared to work with all publishers who share our passion cycling, for delivering excellent customer service and for highlighting the most competitive prices

We’re happy to partner with large and small alike and will be taking a very hands on approach. We are keen to build relationships with our affiliates and working with them on maximising their membership of the Chain Reaction Cycles affiliate program.

We’re happy to have a partnership with the top few players in that area but don’t wish for our program to be full of voucher sites. We are keen to work with cashback sites and pricing comparison sites but our interests lie specifically in relevant, high traffic, cycling and  running sports blogs or news sites etc.

Is there anything newsworthy that you’d like to highlight for the next 12 months?

This year we are involved in the Sea Otter Classic as a high level sponsor. The Sea Otter Classic, known as a sprawling and energetic “celebration of cycling”, is cycling’s North American season opener. Professional and amateur athletes alike make the annual pilgrimage to Sea Otter to participate in some of the sport’s most competitive and enduring events. Hundreds of pro cyclists, including national, world, and Olympic champions attend Sea Otter to race and meet with fans making this a very important event in the cycling calendar.

For any questions regarding the Chain Reaction Cycles Affiliate Program, please email Emily Parr.


The Monthly Digest: Issue 2 – 2014

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MonthlyDigest_logo300x130 (4)Welcome to Affiliate Window’s Monthly Digest; a round-up of the most relevant and interesting industry articles published in the last 30 days. Keep up to date with trending topics being debated within performance marketing, by reading our top five recommended posts each month.

Tablet users expect desktop content and an optimized browsing experience: report

“Tablets, what are they good for? Primarily shopping and entertainment, according to a new study into how consumers use their devices. It found that two-thirds of US and UK tablet owners use their tablet for researching product information before buying online (66%), making it the most popular consumer activity.”

The End Of The SEO World As We Know It — And Why You Should Feel Fine

“If you’re a digital marketer or SEO aficionado, you likely have noticed the rapid disappearance of organic keyword data available in Google Analytics. It’s a startling — and likely scary — realization, as keyword data has been both a reliable and fundamental way to measure SEO success for years.”

Facebook top for social referral traffic, Pinterest comes second: report

“In recent months there have been several reports that Facebook is a dying network that can’t stem the flood of teens leaving it for instant messaging apps. However last week we published data which showed that Facebook is still hugely popular among all demographics, particularly on mobile, and now a separate report shows that Facebook is still easily the most important social network for referral traffic.”

Infographic: 7 Ways To Run An Unsuccessful Mobile Email Campaign

“According to ReachMail, statistics show that over 40% of emails are opened on mobile devices. The email marketing company put together some really interesting research into why mobile email marketing campaigns fail. The research they gathered can be seen here in this infographic. Are you losing out?”

Why it’s critical to track conversions for your mobile app

“When it comes to managing resources and making a marketing strategy more effective, one piece of data matters more than almost anything else: knowing which channel is responsible for driving the downloads of your app. This is called conversion tracking.” Houses Global Affiliate Program with Affiliate Window

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Trusted Housesitters smallThe world’s largest house and pet sitting site, has launched its first US, CA & UK affiliate program exclusively with global performance marketing network, Affiliate Window. provides a simple solution to home and pet owners wishing to travel by connecting them with trustworthy people, reliable pet lovers and experienced home minders, who want to housesit.

We are really pleased to partner with Affiliate Window in helping launch and grow our program says Rachel Martin, Chief Marketing Officer. “We see performance marketing as a key driver within our business and as such, dedicate full time resource to this channel. The simplicity of the Affiliate Window interface allows us to track sales and keep informed and up to date with the publishers on board.  We’re also impressed with the service and support the network provides to help scale our businesses.” will be actively recruiting publishers from the travel and pet care market and are planning to build partnerships with major organizations and associations in the pet charity sector. The brand plans to integrate communication channels into their program to produce and share timely newsworthy offers.

Alex Forsch, Affiliate Window’s US Country Manager comments: “We are delighted has made the decision to launch its international affiliate program across the Affiliate Window network. We are confident our commitment to service and innovation, coupled with our access to global markets will ensure great success for the program.

On their future plans, Martin comments “We look forward to further global expansion with Affiliate Window along with our m-commerce site which we’ll be launching in due course.”


For press enquiries, please contact:
Affiliate Window PR Department
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US Travel Insights

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With consumers making their travel plans early in the New Year, January is a pivotal time for travel advertisers. As such, it is important to review the trends occurring across our travel portfolio including data on where bookings originate, the devices driving traffic and conversions, and the publishers who perform well in the sector. As a network with the new ability to investigate the time period between the booking date and the actual stay date, we are now able to learn how the destination impacts booking behavior.

Where are customers booking?

The chart below illustrates where bookings for accommodation with our US based advertisers are originating from. It is evident traffic for US travel advertisers is not just limited to within the US. Although the greatest volume of sales originates here, consumers outside the US are also booking trips via US based advertisers. A fair amount of transactions originate from Canada, China and Australia in addition to low volumes of bookings being made from other countries across the globe.


Map 1

When evaluating airlines, a large percentage of flight bookings are made from outside the US. This is not particularly surprising considering the number of travelers looking to visit the US, including high volumes of customers from the UK. There are numerous statistics available from The Office of Travel and Tourism Industries to demonstrate the volume of travelers entering the US from abroad. Meanwhile Canada and other regions of Europe reflect moderate volumes of sales.

Flash Mob for a Cause

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Saturday February 22nd 2014 is the inaugural World Encephalitis Day; an annual event organized by the team at The Encephalitis Society to help raise awareness of the devastating and little-known brain condition.

Utilizing the first-ever crowd speaking platform, the team at TES have started a Thunderclap and to launch this they need a minimum of 250 digital supporters.

thunderclap-logoJoin now

To get involved you can join using either Facebook or Twitter – boosting the presence of World Encephalitis Day by signing up to automatically share this single message, flash-mob style at 9am on February 22nd.

In the time it takes to update your status or post a Tweet, you could be signed up!

Want to know more about Thunderclap? Check out the website here.

Performance Marketing Predictions for 2014

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compassWith 2014 well underway now is a good time to look at some of the trends we anticipate to shape the performance marketing channel in 2014.

Internationalization will gather pace – last year we released a piece of research that focused on the internationalization of fashion brands, with a number of UK based retailers successfully entering the US. 2014 will see internationalization gather pace as more advertisers embrace additional markets. This is certainly a trend that has been seen across the network with an increasing number of overseas based publishers signing up to promote a wide range of programmes that benefit from international traffic. Internationalization has also been investigated from a travel perspective with a number of insights into the location of customers and the destinations they are booking. The provision of additional data will certainly facilitate an in-depth understanding of publishers that are effective at driving traffic and conversions from certain markets.

Attribution is not about splitting commission – attribution was certainly a hot topic last year. There will be no escaping it this year but we’re hopeful this discussion will evolve to understand that attribution is not simply about splitting commission.  We’d encourage advertisers to look at post conversion data in an attempt to understand the value driven beyond the click. Each advertiser will have their own value metrics and by understanding the publishers driving valuable sales, they can be rewarded accordingly. We released a white paper on attribution at the back end of last year are hopeful more advertisers will consider the concept of value attribution that is explored within it.

The continued rise of mobile – 2013 saw mobile really come to the fore and we can expect it to play a more important role this year. With one in every three clicks originating from a mobile device advertisers will be looking towards a “mobile first” strategy – not only optimizing their sites for mobile traffic but also looking how to utilize mobile capabilities in terms of targeting by device and location. Affiliate tracking will be added as a standard rather than merely an afterthought and publishers will become increasingly savvy in developing their mobile offering.

Emergence of cross device tracking – with the rise of mobile commerce and consumers using multiple devices, we will begin to see cross device tracking to help us answer questions of incrementality. Are customers who would typically purchase from a desktop just migrating to mobile devices or are they additional shoppers? Cross device tracking will also be instrumental in helping target consumers across multiple devices.

Compliance to play a more significant role – any channel attracting significant marketing dollars needs to be able to demonstrate the efficacy of its traffic and the value to its customers. For too long the performance channel has allowed elements of bad practice to cloud advertisers’ judgement of affiliates. Compliance and protection need to play a bigger part in the day to day running of affiliate networks and their programmes in order to win the hearts and minds of senior marketers as well as win a bigger slice of the marketing pie. This year into next we should collaboratively work on common standards that further professionalize our industry.