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Report: Ticketing in the Performance Channel

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Over the past few years the ticketing industry has gone from strength to strength. Despite consumers spending less on concerts and other events during the recession, online ticket sales experienced 3.9% growth between 2009 and 2014 with revenue reaching $4 billion according to IBIS World. Additionally, Forrester estimates that secondary ticketing sales online from outlets such as Viagogo will experience a 12% growth.

Working with some of the largest ticketing brands in the US market, Affiliate Window is well placed to analyze the growth of this sector through the affiliate channel. In this document the growth of the sector, the drivers of this growth and additional trends are examined. The publisher types that are effective at generating sales within the sector and the devices being used to purchase are also investigated.

New Features Introduced to the Advertiser & Publisher Performance Reports

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Last week we deployed exciting new features to the advertiser and publisher performance reports in the Affiliate Window interface, including new Assist KPIs and the ability to customize columns.

New Assist KPIs

Both advertisers and publishers will now benefit from the new assist KPIs allowing users to understand how customer journeys are influenced from other publishers or other channels.

Affiliate Window has been providing on-demand detailed customer journey reports to clients for years. There are two novelties here; firstly, we now provide a tool that is simple, self-serviced and accessible to all advertisers and publishers through the interface. Secondly, we provide insight on how publishers assist sales beyond the affiliate channel, provided that advertisers are integrated with our de-duping tool.

By understanding the value beyond the last click, advertisers and publishers are able to look at additional ways to work together. Alternative payment models such as tenancy deals, pay-per-influence or increasing the CPA, will encourage publishers to increase promotion safely in the knowledge they will not be losing out if they are not the publisher to ultimately convert the sale.

The report also helps understand the roles of publishers as initiators or influencers. For example, you can sort by 1st Click Assists to know which publishers tend to initiate the sales. Customer journey and influence KPIs are listed and described on this wiki page.

The new KPIs can be added to the report via the Customize Columns feature and are also available in an exportable format.  The columns within the export have been added, renamed and in some instances, relocated for ease of use.


Additionally, the grand totals within the reports now match the same order of the customized columns making it very easy for users to locate the information they’re most interested in.

Customizable Columns

With the increasing number of KPIs available through the user interface, we have developed a functionality for users to choose which columns they want displayed based on the KPIs they find most useful and relevant to their reporting.

The maximum number of columns visible at one time is 13, and when a column selection is changed, it is automatically saved to the users account so that when viewing different programs/accounts, the same columns will appear.

This feature can be found by clicking the ‘Customize Columns’ link on the left side of the report.

For further information or to provide feedback on the new features, please contact the Product Team. 

Sander Van Oorschot, Product Manager

Remi Chkaibane, Head of Product

Spooky Halloween Offers

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Ghosts and Goblins, Spooks Galore, Scary Witches at your door…….Jack-O-Lanterns smiling bright, wishing you a Happy Haunting Night! Are your readers ready for Halloween? Look no further than this post for your one stop shop for all of your Halloween needs.

Halloween T-shirts

Cafepress is a great shop for readers to gather up some fun Halloween tee’s. They offer a large variety of Halloween shirts for your shoppers to wear to show their love for a creepy and scary holiday. These tops are ideal for lounging on the couch, work or school.

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Ensure your site is properly optimized for Smartphones

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Todays-Awinning-Tipsmall Unless you have been living on a desert island for the past few years (lucky you!), you will know that the Smartphone market is growing with incredible momentum. Now 80% of the world’s population owns a Smartphone and of these people, 89% use theirs throughout the day.

Google has just updated their rankings for Smartphone search. Here are some tips to ensure that you are following best practice for the mobile version of your site:

The Monthly Digest: Issue 9 – 2014

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MonthlyDigest_logo300x130 (4)Welcome to Affiliate Window’s Monthly Digest; a round-up of the most relevant and interesting industry articles published in the last 30 days. Keep up to date with trending topics being debated within performance marketing, by reading our top five recommended posts each month.

Apple bids to transform payments and mobile commerce

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus introduced last week offer larger screens, mobile wallets, wireless payment technology, faster processors, higher screen resolutions and more. They will boost retailers’ conversion rates on smartphones and encourage consumers to pay with their phones, experts say. And there’s a watch, too.

So What’s Next for Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing just celebrated its 20th birthday and – wow – has it changed! Just look at the last few years. New and different affiliate models continue to appear, the world is getting smaller through the international reach of publishers, and the customer journey and experience have become ever so scrutinized. This is coupled with the consumer shift in consumption — where smartphone devices and tablets are on par with brick and mortar shopping. So what’s next in affiliate marketing?

New Facebook Right-Hand-Side Ads Prove Bigger Is Better