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The Monthly Digest: Issue 3 – 2015

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Welcome to Affiliate Window’s first Monthly Digest of 2015; a round-up of the most relevant and interesting industry articles published in the last 30 days. Keep up to date with trending topics being debated within performance marketing, by reading our top five recommended posts each month.

US Publishers Shun Assistance Amid Revenue Concerns

Nearly one in four (22%) US online publishers say that generating revenue has been harder than expected, but only 36% have someone to help them with the performance and monetisation of their site.

 Instagram lures marketers from Facebook

 For the first time, brands are sharing more content on Facebook Inc.-owned Instagram than they are on Facebook itself, according to a new report by marketing research firm L2 Inc. and social marketing vendor Olapic.

More reasons why marketers must move to a mobile-first ad strategy

Every marketer understands that the mobile channel is growing rapidly. By 2018 analysts estimate that there will be nearly 2.7bn smartphone users globally, a 250% growth since 2012. Mobile devices are becoming the primary method of accessing the internet and digital media. Indeed, research from comScore found that 60% of time spent on digital media was through mobile devices. In contrast time spent on desktops has declined 20% over the last year.

5 New Facebook Features and How Marketers Should Use Them

Are you taking advantage of the most recent Facebook features? Want to know how to improve your Facebook marketing? Staying on top of the latest Facebook updates will help your business get better results. Here are five ways to incorporate recently revealed Facebook features into your marketing.

7 Ways to Get a Better Idea of What Your Customer Wants

Customer feedback is an essential element of any business’ progression, and for the corporation who pays little attention to what can be ever changing customer opinion there can be a slippery slope to failure that awaits ahead. Finding out what your customer wants needn’t be an overly tricky or expensive task, however. Here are seven ways in which you can quickly, easily and affordably listen to your customer.

Maximizing use of Retail Search Advertising

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Todays-Awinning-TipsmallConsumers are sometimes overwhelmed by the vast amount of information across the internet and so are starting to restrict their web searches to just a few retailer sites. It means they can access reliable information direct from the retailer and read trusted reviews. More than half of internet shoppers have started to begin their purchase path on retail websites – how can marketers make sure that they are not forgotten on the second and third page of search engines?