Case Study: Benefits of TM+ Bidding Partnerships

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Written By: Brittany Martin, Account Manager

Manuka Image 3This Manuka Doctor and Couponology case study highlights trademark + term bidding, from the goal of the program, to the strategy and the results from using this type of affiliate marketing strategy.  So what exactly is trademark + term bidding?  It is when an affiliate asks the advertiser for permission to run a paid search campaign on the brand’s behalf and allows for the affiliate to have a brand specific coupon or sale initiative and is strictly performance-based.


Skincare and premium beauty brand, Manuka Doctor, wanted to increase traffic to their US site while building brand awareness with US consumers.


Affiliate Window introduced a partnership between Manuka Doctor and Couponology, who is able to use their search team to run a Trademark Plus Search Campaign through the affiliate program, on the performance model.

Case Study: Effectively Managing & Growing an Agency Relationship

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Written By: Kathleen Shallue, Account Manager

The travel sector has become one of the most competitive markets in the online shopping world, thanks to consumers having access to comparative pricing, features and services among hotel chains and airline services, to name a few.  This case study demonstrates how advertisers and publishers can benefit from Affilired’s Performance Marketing model, through networking opportunities and fostering future business relationships.


Affilired is a respected travel performance agency with whom Affiliate Window has developed a strong relationship after working closely for several years.  Through new publisher recruitment, regular GAP analyses, upgraded reporting, and optimization of existing partner relationships, Affiliate Window was able to grow and develop the Affilired Travel Agency portfolio by more than 50% YoY.


A collaborative network-agency relationship forms the basis of client success highlighted by double digit growth YoY across all metrics when effectively managing and growing a portfolio of clients.

Case Study: The Value of Influence Payment

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clothesBeing a channel that is primed on conversion, publishers have excelled at being in a position to receive the final click. But what about rewarding early funnel influencers?

Although the last click CPA model is the most common payment model within the affiliate channel, we have learned it lacks flexibility when it comes to rewarding early funnel influence.

This case study exemplifies how the influence payment solution allows advertisers to maximize publisher engagement and build strategic publisher partnerships, while increasing traffic and revenue at the same time.

Case Study: Successfully Managing an Exclusive Migration

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missguidedgirlAs the fashion retail sector continues to show strong affiliate growth across the US market, brands are looking for a single network approach to support their global expansion initiatives. With a solid reputation for international reach, Affiliate Window has earned itself a growing portfolio of global leaders in the industry.

This case study exemplifies the importance of a strategic partnership, in addition to the experienced account management needed to accomplish a successful affiliate program migration.

Case Study: Growing Importance of International Marketing Calendars

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Superdry.DealmoonAs cross border purchasing trends continues to rise, it’s becoming increasingly important for brands to tailor their campaigns for international markets.  This case study exemplifies how prioritizing international seasonality allows brands to expand their reach into new markets, while maximizing returns.

With the intention of testing the impact of promotions across various markets during peak seasonality, Superdry engaged with Dealmoon to test the impact of targeted campaigns on Singles Day.

Superdry offered Dealmoon an exclusive discount code and increased Dealmoon’s payout for a targeted feature in the top pick’s section of their high traffic Single’s Page.

Through a focus on international marketing calendars and seasonal placements, Superdry was able to increase sales by more than 600% over Singles Day. Their targeted placement planning with Dealmoon not only saw a significant return in revenue but also allowed them to reach a new audience while proving the growing importance of cross-border purchasing.