Advertiser Interview: Missguided

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Missguided_smMissguided exclusively migrated their program to Affiliate Window in April 2016, so we took the time to catch up with their team to learn more about their network experience, the impact the migration has had on performance, and their strategy goals for 2017.

What were the reasons behind the decision to launch Missguided affiliate program exclusively with Affiliate Window? 

We wanted to gain a greater insight into our affiliate program. Our previous network would not allow for code usage or details such as whether the customer was new or existing, or what they purchased. Given our success in the UK, a global consolidation to Affiliate Window was a sensible next step. Affiliate Window is our exclusive affiliate marketing network because they are known as an innovative network with the best technology and are always releasing new insights.  We have started using the cross-device tracking feature, which makes up 5% of our total revenue.

Advertiser Interview:

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Tax season is upon us.  So, we caught up with’s Director of Marketing, Aaron Rosenthal, to learn the benefits of online tax filings for consumers, as well as why promoting the program during the lucrative tax season is advantageous for publishers.





What has lead to become a leader in the online tax preparation and filing industry? has always sought to provide taxpayers powerful software at a low price.  We offer individuals full feature tax preparation software and do so at a lower cost than nearly all of our competitors.

Advertiser Interview: Zefinka

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advertiser interviewFounded in 2014, Zefinka is an online women’s clothing retailer that provides trendy and chic clothing at low and affordable prices.  We spoke with Christoph Kunzle, CEO at Zefinka to share his thoughts on their US affiliate program with Affiliate Window and their exciting plans for 2017!

How does performance marketing tie into your other online marketing activities?

Zefinka is a relatively young website, and so far, we have mainly relied on organic traffic and select paid traffic to increase our sales.  While paid traffic certainly has it benefits, we have found it somewhat difficult for a B2C company like ours to make it economical and thus feasible in the long-term.  We therefore see performance marketing as a fresh, innovative and very welcome additional source of traffic for our growing business.  We were particularly attracted by the pay-for-performance standard (vs. pay-per-click in paid traffic).

What were the reasons behind the decision to launch your program with Affiliate Window?

We did quite a bit of research before signing up with Affiliate Window, and noticed that many other companies operating in a similar market as ours has already signed up with Affiliate Window.  It seemed, frankly almost like the go-to place for online clothing and fashion stores, so it was a no-brainer for us to sign up!

Advertiser Interview: StubHub

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StubHub_Logo_NoTM_Primary_RGB_TealAs a global leader in the online ticketing industry, we are thrilled to welcome ticket marketplace, StubHub onto the Affiliate Window network! We spoke with Kirt Thomson, Head of New Business Development at StubHub to share the why the brand decided to launch their US affiliate program exclusively on the network and their exciting plans for 2017.

What has led StubHub to become a leader in the online ticketing industry?

StubHub reinvented the ticket resale market in 2000 and continues to lead it through innovation and first-rate customer service.  Our mission is simple: help fans find fun. We connect fans with their favorite teams, shows and artists and introduce them to the ones they’ll love next.

Advertiser Interview: WoolOvers Launches International Re-Brand

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Logo 200x200On October 12th, British born knitwear expert, WoolOvers, launches its first international re-brand in 11 years across its key markets, including the USA, Europe and Australia.

We spoke to WoolOvers Affiliate Marketing Manager, Romi Bobkova about the rebrand and what it means for our affiliates.

Why is now the time to re-brand?

The WoolOvers brand was established in the UK in 1989 and has been passionate about quality, affordable knitwear made from all natural fibers. Originally selling at equestrian and country shows, last year the brand was acquired by Langholm Capital with a vision to establish WoolOvers as a household name for knitwear at home and abroad.

After speaking with our customers, it was clear that we needed to offer a fresh, new approach and inspiration on top of our already successful contemporary classics.

Overnight Prints Relaunches Affiliate Program

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OPAs an advertiser on the Affiliate Window network for over two years, leading online printing company, Overnight Prints, is introducing a ‘relaunch’ of their affiliate program in efforts to reinvigorate publisher partnerships as well as grow their publisher base with new and fresh publishers. We got the scoop from Overnight Prints to learn what publishers can expect from the relaunch:

What was the decision for relaunching the Overnight Prints affiliate program?

In analyzing consumer behavior, data shows that performance marketing is one of the best channels for generating new leads and acquiring customers. Relaunching the Overnight Prints affiliate program with Affiliate Window is part of a strategic plan to work with reliable, capable partners that have a quality customer base in order to expand our online reach.