Quarterly Mobile Update- Q4 2016

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Affiliate Window’s mobile data is drawn from over 3.5m network transactions each month across 2,100 advertisers spanning the retail, travel and telecoms sectors.  Our top consumer brands include HP, Etsy, Hyatt Hotels, and Missguided.

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Q4 2016 US Mobile Performance

- 48.9% of traffic originated from a mobile device- a slight increase from 48.4% in Q3 2016

- 30.8% of traffic came from a smartphone- up from 20.7% in Q3 2016

- 18.1% of traffic came from a tablet- down from 27.7% in Q3 2016

- 25.2% of sales originated from a mobile device- up from 23.7% in Q3 2016

- 17.1% of sales came from a smartphone- up from 16.3% in Q3 2016

- Mobile traffic converted at 3.3%- up from 1.9% in Q3 2016

- Mobile Average Order Value (AOV) was $56.62- up from $54.20 in Q3 2016

Q4 2016 Headlines- Affiliate Window Cross-Territory

- 59% of traffic across the network originated from a mobile device

- 44.7% of sales across the network originated from a mobile device

- 85,130 sales came through a mobile device (smartphone and tablet) each day

- 48,800 of these were through a smartphone

- 2,033 sales were generated through a smartphone each hour, up nearly double from Q3 2016

- 1,751 clicks originated from a mobile device each minute

- 39.23% of revenue generated for our advertisers originated from a mobile device in Q4 2016, up from 34.77% in Q3 2016

As well as the top level data on the share of traffic and transactions by device category, we also provide comprehensive reporting into the individual devices that are driving these trends- from share of mobile activity, right down to conversion rate and AOV for each device.  In Q4 we saw:

- Android smartphones accounted for 21.4% of smartphone traffic and 23% of sales

- Android tablets accounted for 80.21% of tablet traffic and increased to 43.13% of sales

- iPad AOV continues to perform significantly higher that Android tablets. with $81.35 in Q4 (compared to $60.13 for Android tablets)

- iPads consistently see a higher conversion rate than Android tablets, with nearly 6.5% difference seen in Q4 2016, with 7.96% and 1.49%, respectively

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